So! Even though I already have a blog on Blogger, I have decided to start another blog here. On Blogger, I started to just post mostly about whats happening in my life and well, no one outside my family and friends really want to hear about my boring life 😉 So, here I am! Making a blog that is strictly going to be for my crafty, book reading, nerdist ways!

So, to start off with will be my knitting updates. Though I haven’t really finished anything lately, I do have several projects on the needles. First is the ever popular “Beekeepers Quilt” by Tiny Owl Knits.


The picture is what have done so far. I LOVE this project and this is all I have been working on really for the last couple months. Which still hasn’t been much…. I had lost my knitting mojo there for a while but, its coming back. I have also started back to working on the “Blanket/Pillow” by Lion Brand that I am making for my hubby. Stockinette stitch is just sooooo boring. But, I want to get it done so I am going to push through. I had also started the “Jackson Square Afghan” by Red Heart but, I have kind of dropped the ball on that one…. For one thing, I am already working on a blanket, 2 technichly, and for another, its crochet and I really don’t like crocheting as much. Sooooo, yeah. The last thing I am working on is the “Soaring Hearts Mitts” by….well, unknown at the moment as their name is not on my downloaded pattern. Anyway, I have been wanting to make these for a long time and I finally got everything I needed to make them so, now I can’t wait to finish. I am getting ready to cast on (yes I know I have a lot already) for a scarf that I am going to knit with my first REAL yarn! None of it is accryllic (sp O.o)! Because of that, I couldn’t resist starting another project. I am in a knitting group that meets at a local coffee shop and one of the ladies there has been trying to get rid of yarn so she brought a trash bag (yes…a trash bag!) full of it! I was in high heaven and couldn’t believe she was getting rid of it. I was a total yarn hog and just brought home the rest of what no one else wanted. I still feel bad for it but, she was happy to get rid of it. Crazy 😉 


This is what I came home with and my husband thought I was insane 🙂 I am still giddy and can’t wait to get started on my scarf! Which I am going to do right now as, I have no more to talk about at the moment…. So, until next time!


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